Grandmaster Elessar

Knight of Light and Shadow


Class: Cavalier (Castellan)
Race: Human
Alignment: Neutral Good


Despite his curmudgeonly attitude, melancholy demeanor, hydrophobia and threats of ‘gentle persuasion at the end of a sword’, the Grandmaster has a soft heart. Originally a member of the Order of the Reliquary, Elessar is now leader of the Order of Elessar (often known as the Knights of Light and Shadow) a group of knights that guard Stoneforge, Cliffhaven, and the Shadow Gate.

He is one of the most powerful cavaliers on Zendikar, skilled in battlefield tactics and siege warfare. He owns two incredibly powerful artifacts linked to the godess Numa, the Heart of Numa and the Sword of Light and Shadow.

Grandmaster Elessar

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